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Cummins NTA855 genuine sdlg zf Spare Parts

Cheap Cummins NTA855 Spare Parts

(BMG), a family-owned company based in Sunshine Coast, has increased the supply of parts to its machinery sales business. 

BMG is offering an alternative to Volvo's equipment owners so that they do not have to buy authentic spare parts, which are usually expensive. 

Cameron Black (Cameron Blake), managing director, said that after 20 years in machinery sales, he saw an opportunity to help equipment owners find a cost-effective alternative without affecting quality. 

"BMG provides high-quality after-sales accessories to accommodate Volvo's construction and earthwork equipment in Australia and overseas. In addition, old accessories which have been refurbished, refurbished and / or redeveloped can also be sold and refurbished as is. " 

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"We also provide service exchanges for major components such as engines, gearboxes and differentials to minimize downtime of your equipment." Our experienced assemblers can install any parts on site or in our own workshop, and all new and refurbished parts are guaranteed. " 

John Moorhorn (John Mulhearn), BMG parts Manager, has 15 years of experience in parts translation. His goal, he says, is to respond quickly to all component requests and to minimize the customer's machine downtime. 

"our location is on the Bruce Highway, only an hour's drive from Brisbane Airport, which means we can easily access all major transportation routes, receive and send parts in and out of our yard without delay. 

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Rob Alexander, BMG equipment sales manager, said: "another exciting development for BMG is the arrival of the Hydrema dump truck made in Germany, which will increase our existing machinery sales business." 

BMG is the sole agent for Hydrema dump trucks in Queensland, New Mexico, Victoria, Tasmania, Sasmania and Tasmania. The Hydrema is a small, flexible and rugged 10-ton dump truck with articulated central pivots. The most striking is the 180-degree multi-cutting fuselage. 

"the Cummins engine and the ZF gearbox are easy to operate. Its compact design and superior cross-country performance make the machine very suitable for leasing and contracting. 

"Hydrema can be configured to accommodate a wide range of applications, including dump trucks, water tankers, concrete mixers and off-road trays. We also have customers who have installed high-speed rail equipment to make it suitable for the construction and maintenance of railway lines and tracks, "he said. 

Due to the popularity of this machine, BMG parts are now spare parts for Hydrema machines. 

"our assemblers are specially trained by Hydrema and are fully qualified to provide all services and maintenance for Hydrema dump trucks," Blake said. " 

After the recent downturn in the construction and equipment industry in the Middle East, Chinese manufacturers have embarked on a slow and steady path of expansion in the region. 

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The Middle East market may not be as good as it was two years ago, but that has not stopped China's big equipment makers from betting on the region's long-term prospects. Adding value, quality, capacity and technology to products and services is a means by which Chinese manufacturers try to maintain their customary level of market attractiveness. 

"We all know that the market is going through a recession," he said. However, the GCC countries have a fixed time frame for development projects related to infrastructure, education, health, housing, public transport, etc. As a result, there may be a little delay, but development activities must continue, "Camille Nadim (Kamil Nadeem), regional manager for the Middle East, told CMME. 

If the mining industry continues to improve, sales growth may actually be stronger than the company's target. Currently, demand for heavy equipment distributed by intro Penta exceeds supply, so customers have to wait to receive their heavy equipment. For example, customers who order large trucks weighing at least 45 tons must wait three to four months to complete their orders. 

However, the company's sales growth in 2018 is unlikely to be as strong as the previous year.In 2017, intro Penta sold 629 units of heavy equipment, up 51.6 per cent from a year earlier. As a result, the company's (unaudited) revenue increased from about 782.2 billion rupiah (about). It reached 1.2 trillion rupiah (about $59 million) in 2016. $90 million). 

In 2018, five countries in Brazil allocated 80 billion rupiah (about US $50 billion). ($6 million) for capital expenditure.

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