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Wiseway, an integrated logistics provider, will extend Xiamen Airlines' cargo services to other major Australian cities through its national road transport network from next month. 

The two companies already have a long-term strategic partnership, and Huiwei has served as a freight forwarder for the Chinese airline since July 2016. 

Xiamen Airlines currently has seven flights a week to Sydney and five flights to Melbourne. 

Under the new agreement, Huiwei's interstate cargo fleet will expand Xiamen Airlines's existing international cargo services to other major Australian cities, including Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. 

The transaction is in line with Wiseway's operational plan to provide better transport services to air cargo customers and to take advantage of the air space capacity of airports of different origin. 

"the agreement further expands our long-term strategic partnership with Xiamen Airlines," said Roger Tong, chief executive and co-founder of Wiseway. 

"due to the rapid development of e-commerce, we hope to give full play to the core competitiveness of the two companies, enhance their competitive advantage, and occupy a larger share of the expanding Australian air cargo import market." 

"the agreement shows that Wiseway is succeeding through its strategic approach to managing expanding channels of growth opportunities. 

"in the short to medium term, the company is very confident that there will be more opportunities to reach further agreements at a later stage of the negotiations." 

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Durable gears for high-speed or high-power machinery are often complex in design, so mechanical engineers tend to avoid them and rely on electronic control and tooth belts.However, for dedicated high-speed machinery, gears are the best way to play in low energy loss, high precision, and low play. 

Modern engineering has also brought progress, making all types of gearboxes much smaller than before. For example, advanced machining makes gears and shafts mean closer to possibly suitable gear teeth. The face-mounted gearbox may be only 2.5 inches long today. Depending on model, power, transmission ratio and use of aluminum housing, it is 50% lighter than most commercial gearboxes. 

The latest direct drive SG 10.0-193 DD represents the Mark V for product evolution in the SGRE technology roadmap. 

The commercial launch of 6MW SWT-6.0-154 officially ushered in this era in 2014, although there was already a 120m rotor prototype in 2011 and a second prototype to produce 154m rotors the following year. 

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Commercial upgrades to blades and cabins developed for Mark IV iteration-SG 8.0-167 DD-- will begin this summer and the first commercial installations will be completed by 2020. This model is characterized by 81.5 m B81 blades. 

The visual features of the SG 10. 0-193 DD are a shorter box cabin, easier to manufacture and transport, and larger diameter generators represent another prominent new feature. 

The main principle behind the product development is further cuts in capital expenditure during continuous production-in response to continued downward pressure on prices caused by recent auctions, where some zero-subsidy offshore projects are being planned. 

For many years, the American expedition car (AEV) has been a leader in the Gyibug Horse Shepherd's quality engineering aftermarket accessories. At this year's SEMA, the brand showcased the impressive parts of the new JL series. Soon, AEV will offer a front winch bumper, rear bumper with tire carrier, 2.5-inch suspension lift, snorkeling, and 17 x 8.5-inch wheels. Skateboards, fender flares, and more may be just around the corner. 

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The part that impressed me most was the modular front bumper, made of hot stamping boron steel. This makes it very light-20 pounds lighter than the current AEV JK bumper-and extremely durable. It can be built with a full-width or stubble bumper and has an integrated anti-skid board with LED light strip mounting and winch caps. Solid recovery and high risk points are the standard. The bumper is ready to be used in extreme conditions and will look good. 

Another goal is to maintain the speed at which a complete turbine is installed in a day. 

SGRE is eager to create the best restructuring environment for its existing mature supply chain, as well as its own blade and nacelle plants. 

Anders Silvestre, project manager, said: "starting mass production in 2022 is a major project driver because it allows two years of testing and validation of all major components and system levels." 

Rasmus Holm (Rasmus Holm), chief engineer, added: "however, such a tight time to market limits the level of technology options and innovation that can be achieved."

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